I am music teacher at Michaela Community School, private piano and theory tutor, and church organist based in London. If you love classical music or would like to comment on anything I’ve shared, I encourage you to get in touch via twitter @NatSmith20 or my contact page. I am also looking for contributors, so do get in touch if you would like to be featured.

In terms of my educational background, I hold a BA in Music from Durham University and an MSt in Musicology from Oxford University. After my studies I trained initially as a maths teacher with Teach First (PGDE) in the North East of England, before relocating to London to be part of the team at Michaela. In addition to overseeing musical life at Michaela, I contributed a chapter to our recent book, Michaela: The Power of Culture, criticising the growth of Marxist activism within education.

About this blog

Through this blog, I intend to provide a straightforward and interesting guide to western classical music for musician and non-specialist alike. I hope that those who read this blog may feel more connected with the beauty of classical music and profound art generally, and that the works I share will have a lasting impact on your life, as they have on mine.

My secondary intention is to challenge the fanatic nihilism which increasingly characterises the humanities in modern intellectual life, especially the idea that beauty is totally subjective, the belief that Europe’s imperfect past warrants a full rejection of its cultural legacy or that the lionisation of Beethoven and Bach was due merely to their race and gender.